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Monday, August 07, 2006

In A Night Fluttered Frenzy She Swayed My Pockets Arid

Busy evening. Took both nonpareil logo works out into the backyard and finished the treatment to their edges and proceeded to apply numerous coats of clear spray-paint. I have a sinking feeling that I might go through a few cans of it until I'm satisfied with the strength it adds to the works. Hmm... maybe if I had used Krylon instead of the cheaper brand — money-money-money. I was lucky enough to have just the right amount of nonpareils to wrap up each of the works. I knew it would be close, but didn't bother to order any further supplies over the weekend. I did however order another 6lbs of Carnival Mix Jimmies for the Jimmie Jacket I'm gonna produce to wear at the show. Last week I purchased a used cream colored sportcoat at the Goodwill — $5.89. Now you can't beat a deal like that. I'm gonna paint the entire surface of the jacket with a thin coat of gesso and follow that up with a coat of gloss latex white. Then the entire jacket is going to get covered in Carnival Mix Jimmies. I'm just not so sure what I want to do with the jackets buttons just yet. But this is one of those projects thats gonna get pushed to the end of the deadline. If I don't have it for the show, that's alright. But if I do, it'll be something that I leave on disply after the opening party. Just another item to add to the list things to do, so I have things to exhibit, so I have things to sell.

Also last evening I fine-tune cut the face board for 'Ace Rac' and nailed it to the squared-out framework I had earlier built. I then brought it indoors and began to lay centerfolds all about it, in an attempt to disern the composition. And I've decided for a number of reasons to turn the work on its horizontal v. its vertical as I had previously employeed. It's gonna look so much better this way. There are still several decisions to be reached before I proceed further though.

I wrapped up the facts labels for the backs of 80% of the Dounts last night so I'll print those sometime tomorrow. I was also able to draw out my 5 jumping rabbits to the large burned peeps work. I'm going to finish them in enamel white - but as outlines. I think that if I us the white as a fill, it's going to harshly dominate the composition beyond my liking. I think the subtleness of these rabbits will work much better after the multicolored peeps are applied and burned. It will pop enough without large white voids. I'll let the fire do the work of detailing the piece for me yet again. Chance and interuption will dictate the final outcome.

AUGUST 7, 2006
BARKER - Barkerville 05 (postcard)

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