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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Still I Understand, This Never Could Be


FACT: Joe Franklin last updated his website in 1999. (Look into it yourself)

This is what I was told about the following program, minutes before it aired, by my gracious hosts. (Notice Chantel in the following pictures in a deep state of what I term as 'Cathod-Worship'.)

Chantel: "We felt as though we must be dead. I mean... this is something we've had to re-live week after week, for the past six months. It's some sort of penance we've had to endure week after week."
Donny: "Yeah it's so bizzare. It's like a damn David Lynch film. Once you're into it, you can't belive you're actually watching it and you can't stop watching it until it's over."
Chantel: "Yeah, and this happens every week!"

Who is this Ronnie Littell... or is it Ronnie Littel. You have to watch the end credits to understand the spelling discrepancies in her name and the show itself. Go ahead... GOOGLE her... you're not going to find anything about her — and if you do find anything real, I'll hook you up with a Schaefer 'Ronnie Littell'... err is it 'Ronnie Littel'... anyhow, an original painting.



Anonymous said...

This one, I must say, is just incredibly cool. We have laid the ground work for and will soon be tweaking details on what will certainly become one of the internet's most amazing databases. What will ours contain? Nothing less than a virtual tour of the Memorabilia Archives belonging to Mr. Joe Franklin himself! That's right, in a few short weeks you'll be able to come back here and sort through THOUSANDS of the items we'll have in the archives! I smile just thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

So, who IS this Ronnie Littel?

I live in the Bflo area and happened upon the Joe F show last week featuring a special appearance by Ronnie. And another episode featuring Ronnie was on again last nite.

Is Ronnie for real? Is Ronnie a man? Don't know why, but something isn't quite right w/that Ronnie person........

Anonymous said...

Paid Death Notice in NYTimes for David Littell, "beloved husband of Ronnie"

Anonymous said...

I caught this "Ronnie" person flipping thru channels last nite. I thought I was watching Miss Understood the drag queen who performed at Club Marcella. I am convinced this was way too close in appearance to not be the same person.

Brionity said...

I know this post is old but I need help! I'm obsessed with this Ronnie Littell.

We need to cooperate and find the truth. Please.

I'm serious.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this person "Singing" to some dead guy . I think she is not "The Ronnie Littel" because she says she's sings to her dead father and his picture appears to be from the early 1900's (From his clothes)i think the real Ronnie is probably in her 80's and she may have looked like the red dress person probably 60 years ago but i think the real red dress person is some hired model or a great grandchild of the real Ronnie.. is it possible to get info from the tv station? I will admit that the red dress lady looks and moves very eerily, as if she is coming back from the dead.

Unknown said...

We have convened in Buffalo - home of the Ronnie Littel conspiracy - this week for a fact-finding mission and an attempt to get to the bottom of it all.

Stay tuned to this spot - and certainly to Buffalo's cable 20 on Sunday at 11pm - for the ongoing investigation.

Unknown said...

Ronnie's show is still appearing Sunday's on TW Buffalo Channel 20 at 11pm Sundays.

Her program has recently appeared on Manhattan Neighborhood Network as recently as June 24. Link to the schedule is here.


11:00am The Ronnie Littell Special [0]
Producer: Ronnie Littell
On air next:

11:00am 6/24 :: 10:30am 6/27 :: 5:00am 7/7 ::



Joe Franklin calls what Ronnie does as, "Super important and super beautiful"

Anonymous said...

So here it is, two years later and Ronnie still invades our bedroom at 11 pm every Sunday (right after the bouncy, really bad lip-syncing preacher). Who IS this person and why do Joe Franklin, Bill Bertenshaw and the guy at the beginning with the fake British accent prostitute themselves so shamelessly? And, strangest of all, what in God's name is the Buffalo connection? There is a Ronnie Littell, apparently, age 83 in Fresh Meadows, Queens. But if she's 83 now, when on earth was that video made? I used to look like that with mascara on, and it made me swear off makeup for all time. TWC is no help--anyone know how you get a show (permanently) on public access?

Thomas Arthur Schaefer said...

New York Times

Paid Notice: Deaths

Published: March 9, 2007
LITTELL--David. Beloved husband of Ronnie; father of Bruce (and Heather) and Scott (and Sherri); grandfather of Nicole (and Tom), Danielle, Brent, Griffin, Marissa, Erika; great-grandfather to Emma and Jack. After serving his country during WWII he went on to lead a distinguished career in textiles. His memory will be a blessing for all he loved and all who loved him. Service held at 1pm on March 11, at Schwartz BrosJeffer, Queens Boulevard and 76th Road.

LITTELL--David, We will cherish our memories always. Rest in peace, Uncle Dave. With our love, Jamie, Scott, Leslie, Andrew, Jesse.

Thomas Arthur Schaefer said...

Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves...
for 'The Cult of Ronnie Littell' will soon be at hand.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie Littel Special just sighted on Public Access Channel 4 in Binghamton NY. Inexplicable.

Anonymous said...

I live in Johnson City, NY, and I believe in Ronnie Littell.

mikep said...

This strange whackjob of a person has captured the essence of the afterlife like no other. If this is really how it is on the "otherside" let's all live forever.

Anonymous said...

This video is still being played on Manhattan Cable. It is very disturbing, and there are still no explanations for what is going on.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to discover there are others out there as obsessed with the mystery of Ronni Littell as me! I think the video was made in the early to mid 70's, judging by everyone's oily orange skin and the hosts' suits and hair.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that it was made sometime in the '80s, judging from Joe Franklin's wrinkles (or lack thereof) and his mentioning that one of the highlights of his career was interviewing Ronald Reagan "before he became president." Apparently jump-starting Ronnie Littell's career was a comparable highlight.

I'm hooked on this damn special. I always encounter it by accident, and I have not yet been able to turn it off before the end. I tried to Google her father, David Paeoff (Payoff? Paoff?), but to no avail. This is truly a mystery. I'm so glad there are other people who are equally obsessed.

Brionity said...

November 15, 2008 MNN 9:00pm.

I've gone so far as to call and try to get information from MNN. To no avail. It is a prepaid show with no producer contact. There is listings for the Littells but I haven't gotten up the nerve to break that border.

There was a 12" for sale in one of the music clearinghouses that I frequent, but it has also disappeared.

Otto Coca said...

NYC here.
I also called MNN and tried to get them 'addicted' to the Cult of Ronnie Littell, hoping someone with access would do the leg work, but nada.
I just want to touch the hem of her garment...

Anonymous said...

"You were hear in a dream"....what a whack job! I first ran into this "Special" on satalite TV about 10 years ago and it looked like it was a good 15 years old back then. I haven't seen it in a while but it was on every night at 11:00 for what seemed like years.
What ever happend to Ronnies two fans, Al and the other guy...some AM raido relics? They seem completely transfixed on this wierd chick(?). One thing Ronnie can't do is SING! There must be something hypnotic about it because it's almost impossible to stop watchinmg it once you have started! No web info on "Ronnie" either, very strange. Maybe she's from Roswell NM!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to know I am not the only person who has some macabre interest in trying to figure this show out. I am in the Buffalo area, and it is still on every Sunday at 11:00pm.
All I can say is "WTF?"
I agree, it is somehow mesmerizing, a real enigma.

Brionity said...

Kristen said...

Sadly, Ronnie is no longer on in my area.

I found this while browsing the web.

Somewhere beyond the shadows

Type of Work:
Musical work
Registration Number / Date:
PAu000191730 / 1980-02-19
Date of Creation:
Somewhere beyond the shadows / words & music by Ronnie Littell.
Previous Registration:
Prev. reg.
Copyright Note:
C.O. correspondence.
1 p.
Copyright Claimant:
Ronnie Littell
Authorship on Application:
Ronnie Littell, pseud.
Littell, Ronnie, pseud., 1924-

Read more:

Still Wondering in WNY in 2011

John Cooper said...

I watch The Ronnie Littel Show on Manhattan Cable Network. It is like mana from the heavens. When she sings it is a peyote dream that I don't want to wake up from.

Believe in Ronnie she will (gently) purge your soul.

Young Joe Fanklin is like a bad version of Lenny Bruce who is not funny.

If you believe in her the glory will wash over you.

The Cult of Ronnie Littell is coming.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Ronnie in quite some time. I miss her special. Any chance that it could make an appearance on youtube?

Anonymous said...

Watch this continuously for 168 hours and enlightenment will be yours

Anonymous said...

Ronnie Littell is on youtube. Watch it until your eyes bleed

Anonymous said...

I have a sealed copy of Ronnie Littell''s record "You were here in a dream."