Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Monday, July 17, 2006

Even In Times Of Desperation, I Can Find Solace In The Things We Need

So next month I've been given a solo gallery show (details to come) and I'm tasked with deciding what to exhibit. I have as usual a large amount of work to choose from, but nothing substantial enough to work by itself in a single show. Well, actually I do and I've layed it all out, but it's the same old Richie Rich syndrome - pleanty of work but no 'large signature piece'. I'm thinking that this is the task at hand... to create one of those large sig. works just like I did for that Richie Rich show 2 years ago. So... what is the idea for the show — Retroconsumerism I — but the subtile escapes me right now. All the work is 'food' based and I feel like the subtitle should celebrate the idea. For working out these title concepts, I'll sleep on it... but this show has to be fresh and totally new. No work from previous shows. I had that idea reinforced by a friend today — thanks for that.

So yup... there will be a solo show next month... along with some bands and booze. Yup yup... yall come round, it's a new beginin'.

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