Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

If I Send A Message It'll Turn Against Me

I'm getting so sick of this 'Illegal Immigratation' shit. I saw this one illigal yesterday holding a sign that read - "No Illegals = No Burritos". So I'm sitting here thinking, is this guy for real. I know how to make a fucking burrito you idiot... I also know how to make a taco. So wait... are all the Taco Bells across the US gonna close because there are no illegals to make the food? I guess I'm just really confused with the message. Was it supposed to be funny... clever... I just think it's kinda weak. How about "No Illegals = No Pointless Protests"... please people... you're protesting to the wrong people. Why not try a rally in front of the Mexican Consulate... that might actually be meaningful. You're not shutting anything down with you're inane antics.
Ohh yeah... by the way... guy with a sign. I went out and got a burrito for lunch at Taco Bell. It was delicious... and guess what, it wasn't made by an illegal. Wow, I'm confused now... how can that be. Simple... it was made by a young black girl and served to me by a young white guy. Wait that's not possile!!

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