Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Breaking In New Friends Is A Pastime Best Kept Indoors

Spent the weekend painting, developing correspondence and reading more of my PKD books. Not much progress was made in either front, do majorly to the fact that I enjoyed my sleeping hours more than I did my waking ones. Ohh well, there is always another day for work around the corner. Or wait... actually aren't I supposed to be 'on my way to work'.
I did however, order new bulbs for my opaque projector, which is a task that has been almost 10 years in the making. They weren't easy to find pre-online shopping era. 1000w - 120v bulbs.... 2 of them. That way when the first one blows, I won't have to order another one. The damn things cost $30 a pop. Just crazy. I hope my boys at the USPS don't break them in transit. I could actually buy the same projector I have, a big hunk'n green metal bastard from the 1960's, on Ebay for the say price as a single bulb. Actually... thats not a bad idea. If I did that I could return the one I have been borrowing for the past 11 years back to my high school. On second thought...

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