Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Road Trip

Hung out at Kankas last night. we had a few drinks and talked the talk. We decided that today we were going to head out on a road trip to North Carolina to surprise our friend on her 30th birthday. She has no idea we are going to come and has probably been bitching about us and our lack of 'do-anything-ness'. So this morning I woke up early and got some work done... cleaned myself off... packed some things into the car and headed over to pick up Kanak, where I am writing this entry right now. the trip in itself isn't a long one... only 4 hours. That time will go by really quickwith alot of good music and such.

I didn't mail any correspondences today... to busy with other nonsence. So come monday i'm gonna have a pile of mailings to go out. Ohh well... time to hit the road. I won't be able to post the blog tomm. on account of my trip. But I'll still write something as usual and post it later in the week.

Viva the Road!!

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