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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI — FINALLY... A GERMAN

Keeping things brief and spelled incorrectly.... very tired — very late.

Finally cut lime slices and poly'd them to to only two coca-cola can correspondence for the Texas show. A can of Diet Coke with Lime and regular Cooke with Lime. letting them dry overnight. i will see what their status is in the morning. I know they will need several more coats as well as adequit time to cure before I leave their fate to the febal hands of the USPS. God speed my hand-crafted children.

Added buuble-wrap backings to the Power Ranger correspondence for the gallery show as well. Added some black striped paint to them and to another seres of cards for Barker, but I can not elaborate on those any further because Barker is a reader of this blog and gets pissed when I talk about my work (his work) before he recieves it.... understood.

Cut out three 3 x 5 pieces of matte medium that is about 1/8" thick. I plan to attach a paper strip backing and mail them to the shows before sturday as well. Saturday is the last day I will be mailing work to the show... anytime after that and it runs the risk of missing the accepatance dates... of course I'm sure the USPS will screw things up with out my knowing on several of the correspondences I've sent. I related to both Barker and Kanka over the phone tonight that I am running the chance that none of my work will be recieved at the show. the only record... if they arrive too... will be the formal letters to the curator containing color copies of the works. If this is the case, I still think I will be pleased with the out come.

Created another last minute set of correszpondences for the show as well tonight. Fpound a pair of paper thin flip-flops in the streets of Atlanta while walking home from a Braves game last weekend. I afixed paper strips to the bottoms of the shoes and will add more materials to them tomm. and thursday. The plan is to sent them Fri. or Sat. I have a feeling that I will have about 15 - 20 last minute works to se4nd to the show these days.

Corresponded via e-mail several times this week with A. Vinson about mail art and what i is all about. She sent me a beautinful card earlier this week and I've sent her an original in return. She and C. Vinson will be great correspondents in the future I just know it.

Schaefer out —

APRIL 19, 2005
BARKER - Bazooka Lysergic Acid Diethylamide 16 (FINAL) (postcard)
BARKER - Variant 06 (postcard)
COTELIA - Sugar Bunnies 06 — White Spot (postcard)
KANKA - Variant 08 (postcard)
KANKA - Cheese 06 (postcard)
VINSON - Variant 09 (postcard)

CARDS FROM BEYOND THE EDGE - Salesman—Cadet Blue (postcard)
CARDS FROM BEYOND THE EDGE - Prairie Dawn—Wisteria (postcard)
CARDS FROM BEYOND THE EDGE - Dr. Nobel Proce—Purple Mountain's Majesty (postcard)
CARDS FROM BEYOND THE EDGE - Susan—Blue Violet (postcard)

CARDS FROM BEYOND THE EDGE - 04.19.05 Formal Letter (letter)

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