Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Saturday, October 23, 2010

For Those Girls We Kill

Spent the entire day blasting out silkscreens. It took all of 8 hours to clean about 15 screens. I hadn't washed any of them since I printed all the names and accent elements for the Clinton Body Count piece all the way back in November of last year. So the screens were caked in tons of white Plastisol. So, while that really didn't give me much trouble in getting out, it was the emulsion that was a serious issue on a number of them. I finally had to go and get a new head for my pressure washer in order to blow the remaining junk out of the screens. That was the key in the end. Once I had that new head, I was able to make relatively quick work of the remaining screens. I could have done it all in 3-4 hours instead of 8 with the new head... but that's life... that's water pressure for ya.
So I cleaned all these screens out because - 1. I was tired of them being dirty... and 2. I'm getting ready to print the backings for the Heart donuts set finally and a few other new editions that I'm currently knocking out before end of year. I' also prepping some large scale screens for the large panel pieces I've been finally pulling together as well. Good stuff... looking to wrap up about 60-80 works before the end of the year. A good portion of which have been in development for the past few years. Ready to get these suckers wrapped up and move on to new works finally.
Also bought a new set of screens because you can never have enough and because I lost (3) of them while cleaning, so they are getting sent off to get re-screened at this place that is down the street from me with 230 yellow mesh. I'll probably buy some more ink when I pick them up as well. I could always use more delicious Plastisol colors in the studio.

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