Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tender Vacancy

I had a very strange and lucid dream on the night of the 21st. I don't remember many details but there was a very attractive woman in it with black hair. Before I woke from the dream I noticed what I assume was a name tag on her chest and it read - TEAHARI. I think there were two words there actually, a full name, but when I woke up, I immediately wrote the word Teahari because it was the only thing I remembered vividly.
Now what is strange is that I read words and remembered them. Typically in dreams you can't make out words... they just look like gibberish. At least that is what I've read in a number of books. And I can't remember any other time where I specifically remember reading text in a dream at all, least wake up and write it down.
So I Googled the word Teahari and something came up and it's a person. A woman with black hair. Her name Marina Teahari (yup Facebook). I believe she is Romanian from the language I saw on one of her posts. She is set to private. I was considering doing a friend request just for the hell of it. But I'm unsure about it.
I've always considered dreams to be something of a connector between different spaces and times. Makes me wonder if people can have similar dreams but not have ever met each other in this space and time. I'm really curious... that's the only reason I was considering the request... it's scientific exploration.

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