Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Too Much Teeth Grinding

The Clinton Body Count

THEY LIVE screening at The Plaza

Wednesday.... It's late.... Err it's early. Rain is coming down. Just got home from Elmyr. Brushed my teeth and shot a good 15 minutes of experimental portraits in the mirror.

2010 is the year where I pull all my techniques together and finish production on the large Blue Jughead series. I've had this huge build-up of blue objects in my house for the past 3-4 years. I need to refer back to the postcards, as they are some of the original test material for this set of work (hense they fall under the new work as well). The new work involves a set of (3) oversize rectangle panels, a set of (9) large square panels, (25) bottle opener blocks, (25) tooth pick blocks, (50) mc'big burgers cast in silver with painted container, (50) mc'frys cast in silver with painted container, (1) box of blue bubble gum cigars, (1) box of fine silver dinner ware, (5) hammocks, (1) full bedroom set, (1) refridgerator, (2) soda pop shop bar stools, (25) embroidered pillows, (100) cheeseburger paintings, (1) Extra Jumbo Dine-In Meal construct, (1) Extra Jumbo To-Go Meal construct.

The point behind these self portrait experiments is that I'm going to eventually pose for some of these panel paintings... The larger ones, as the Jughead and then render these images onto the panel in my monochrome oil painting technique. I'll use this new silk screen method to develop the under layer similar to what I did with the Kurt Russell piece, but on a more focused full figure scale/scenario.


Aaron Barker said...

you grindin your teeth from the white? or what. You look a little under the influence. Cool instillation.

Thomas Arthur Schaefer said...

Too much Tullymoore Dew and John Carpenter brother. :)