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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Boasting The Serious Message

So I'm at the dentist waiting to get a tooth pulled... It's my #31 that is coming out. It's a good number, so I'm not too upset about it. The bummer is the fact that we are cutting it out, instead of pulling... So I'm not gonna be able to keep it this time around.

After I get this pulled I have to drive back to Atlanta. Not the greatest plan in the world, but I have people to pick up at the airport - so what are you gonna do. I'm definitly headed over to ElMyr to get a few drinks in me tonight because of this medical excitement. Gonna drop in a say hello to my parents before I jump back on the highway.

I've got to get my piece pulled together this weekend for the PolyArt show coming up... As well as begin production on that set of Monster paintings I'm knocking out.

Saturday is a huge ass party at Chuk's house, so I'll probably be useless come Sunday... But that is still days away. Gonna be busting out the Napoleon costume again for the party. Gonna try a few new makeup tricks this time round. See if I can perfect things before I wear this piece one last time on Halloween.

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