Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Help Us Cry When We're Alone

Alright now... I am here to tell you something really important. The 3M corporation is full of shit people. They sell transparency film in all different types, at all different retarded prices. Well check this out...

I needed to buy some trans. film to use for my silk screening. I run it thru my laser printer and it does a good enough job for what I need. I had previously bought a pack of laser version trans. and it was way too expensive. I ran out the other day, so I hoped in the car at 8PM because I need more. So I went to Office Max and saw 8 different kinds of film... $21.00 to $54.00 a pack... and that is either 50 sheet or 100 sheet depending on which one you buy. So I open the cheap pack... the ones that are for "Write-On ONLY"... and I open a pack of the expensive "Laser Printer ONLY". Hmmm... they both fell about the same mil and were coated the same on both sides. Interesting right?

So... I walk over to the printer section, find a laser printer photocopier that is turned on, slip in a sheet of the expensive stuff and then photocopy to print onto it. OK same as I'm used to. Then I take the cheaper shit and do the same thing. Guess what... SAME RESULTS... and you know why. Because it's the same god damned stuff. 3M just puts it all into different packages and says it's something special in this blue pack and something really super special in the yellow pack and the red pack is only for retards with markers. NO! It's the same product in all of them.

So instead of buying (1) $54 - 50 count pack... I buy (3) $21 - 100 count packs. Thats 300 sheets for $63. Now if you are a fucking moron... or just don't know any better (which now you do) you could have bought the other stuff and 300 sheets would run you $324. So it's either $63 or $324. 3M you sneaky little bastards... I'm onto you. I bet that Super 77 I keep buying from you at $9 a can (yeah I know where to get it cheap... yup the big cans too) isn't worth that price either. Tell me, what cheaper products do you have in that line that are the same thing that's in the can of 77.


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