Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Zipzz.. Zizz Zahh

Note to self, but more so... a note to my future children (the Internet never dies).
"Be careful what name you give yourself on your business card." While Thomas is my professional name (on card), my heart aches everytime a friend refers to me as Thomas instead of Tom. This may be due to a lack of "hanging out" with these people I deem friends.. my own too busy fault. However... there are a number of women who also call me Thomas as well. Now while I find this totally endearing and really really (third-time) really hot... They are refering to me on a mother-based level and thus, this can become disturbing or very good in their favor depending on the woman (see Oedipus Complex). It's Freud speak and it's fact to me and it either works or doesn't. (Don't mess with Freud!) Anyways... I've always judged friendship on the level of name recognition.
While it is handy to judge folks on what they call you in the immediate 'I can't see who just called my name factor', ... It's also a great and simple way to determine the 'know' factor when you walk though a crowd. Your professional name can kill you if you don't tell the folks who are close, what you want to be called... but hey it's the 90's so.... Ohh shoot wait... The 90's are gone... Must be getting old.
Anyways children... point is... 'Do what you want... call yourself what you will'... just don't shame the Schaefer name! Your mother, probably called me Thomas, before she called me Tom, before she called me 'You Fucking Asshole!!', before she called me the greatest thing she ever slept with.. before she called me, as I do her 'The Most Important Person I Shared My Life With". There is nothing wrong with being a Romantic and living life as such kids. It will help either keep you out of trouble or in serious trouble... depending on your mood (smile). Most importantly a romantic attitude will help you meet the right person one day. Dedication to oneself is paramont to finding a person of equal mind whom you're willing to give up everything you dedicated your life toward... that is love.
That is love.

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