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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another Day in The World

Savannah NOW: Police seek two suspects after early-morning shooting
The Costal Source: Midtown Shooting
WSAV: Shooting Sends Two to Hospital, Police Search for Suspects
WSAV:Condition Improves for Ardsley Park Shooting Victim
WTOC 11: Police searching for gunmen who shot two men
SCAD Radio: Local musicians shot.
DO NOT WEEP: Outrage and Disappointment
SSD Films: Savannah Officially Sucks Dick

Jason Statts and David Williams, who are SCAD alumni, former SCAD employees, and members of the Savannah music scene, were shot while unloading gear after a concert. Statts and Williams have been in local acts I Am Not A Little Bus, El Toro, and, most recently, Surt [the Destroyer]. We wish for a speedy and safe recovery for them both.


Well, in the messy aftermath of evil we find love and kindness.

A man who lives on the block where the incident happened, a complete stranger to me, found us at the hospital and brought us lunch, tooth brushes, chewing gum, drinks, snacks, everything anyone could need for a long vigil in a hospital waiting room.

The outpouring of friends was as tremendous today as it was yesterday. Everyone came bearing the wonderful tradition of food, love and support.

It was also a good day for both of our patients.

Dave was taken off of the ventilator today. He is still in a tremendous amount of pain due to the surgery on his vocal cords, etc. but he is writing notes like an insane person and is enjoying limited visitation. Hopes are Dave will be able to move to a step down ward tomorrow, and over time will be able to speak again, but perhaps with a more raspy timbre.

The bullet is still lodged in Dave's neck, and will likely remain there as it is quite close to his spinal cord. As far as I know, the doctors do not believe it will be a problem in the future.

Dave's sole wish is for a baked potato, steak and beer.

Jason's morning started out a little slower. He had an excellent breathing test today which is important for two reasons:

1)The stronger his lungs are the better he can keep them clear and avoid infection or pneumonia, which would mean he would have to be put on a ventilator.
2)Strong lungs mean a well functioning diaphragm, which means muscles are working in places the doctors say they shouldn't work.

Jason's wish was for a diet coke and a milkshake.

Later in the afternoon Jason's feeding tube was removed and he was able to drink a diet coke and eat some icecream. This is important because it means his gag reflex is working well and helping to keep his lungs clear from infection, pneumonia causing debris.

Jason has been very vocal about how tired he is and how much company he can have. He is very much in control of his treatment. He actually kicked me out of his room tonight and told me to go home and rest, which I was able to do because when I grabbed my husband's ass he actually had a little sensation in it...and also a little sensation in his right foot when I rubbed it.

Things are slow, and probably will be for a while. The continued support of everyone will be so important to help both fellers keep their spirits up, but I know I don't even have to ask. You have all been so wonderful. The family of both Dave and Jason can't even begin to express their thanks, and I know it has been crucial to the progress the guys.

Thanks again to everyone.


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