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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What Was That Word... The Word Is


Well I've been busting my ass these past two days putting together the online store so it not only runs like a charm but features some pretty killer stuff at discounted prices mind you. So by next week the new store should be a link on the site along with Suppositions, Slants & Suspicions. Ohh what is the store called... well right now I'm calling it Tributes, Treasures & Trash. Can you see a theme here... I like it's fine enough for right now, until I think of some better words. I've been to busy programing the sucker to have time to actually get clever... well the product descriptions are pretty clever... especially the Site Special (which is a damn good deal considering), but it's all bound to be rewritten into something even better in the next few days. There will be 20 products... err should I say types of art available on the site and we accept all major credit cards. Of course it's all through Paypal right now because my poor ass can't afford an SSL license and a Merchants account... but if the money starts to roll in well then you won't have to sign up for a Paypal account, but heck everyone pretty much has one so what the hell. Not only will the work be availble at but it will also be on Ebay on a 'Buy Now' type basis.. no bidding shit... I hate that stuff. You should pay what its worth and thats it as far as I'm concerned. SO anyways... I've already had about 4 people looking to buy donuts in the past day because they've seem them either around town, at friends homes, or online so the site will be up soon and I expect things to sell fast... especially at the prices I've got. We shall see though... so to all my friends, don't be dicks, why don't you buy something from me for once in your life... this poor soul needs it more than you... and my days of giving things away are pretty much thru... except on x-mas and birthday... you all deserve a little some'n some'n on those days.

Smiles - Schaefer

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