Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What A Busy Boy You Are

Been keeping real busy with the web business. Today I just purchased new space for hosting and also purchashed a new .com name for a new website. Decided to begin a separation between the fine art and the business side of me. So while is almost ready to launch, the new site which will be my permanent home from here on out for my fine art and personal affairs will be Yup I got my name... how about that one.
I'm right now in a 48 hours transfer period, but things should be changed out by the end of year as planned and should be up before x-mas. The catalogue raisonne should be up some time after that on the new I'm still in the process of rebuilding that one too... a lot of editing and rethinking going on with that one.
So business and personal... makes good sense to me. The really cool thing is that at some point next year I'm going to open an online store on my personal site and sell various small works like donuts and such, as well as other delicious trash. It's gonna be great!

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