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Friday, June 16, 2006

You Have A Heart Of Gold... Unfortunately In This Town, It Couldn't Even Buy You A Quart Of Milk


OK... no damn pictures today. Why? Because I was working like hell to get myself out'a this town. I have to say I'm totally unimpressed with Vegas. It has to be one of the most boring places I've ever visited in my life so far... and I've been all over this country. Now granted, if I had a sweet young lady with me there, I might have had a better time. But all-in-all Veags is exactlly what it is... a tourist trap in the middle of a desert. Pretty plain and simple.
Now I'm not saying that my time there wasn't enjoyed.... I'm just saying that I can enjoy over-priced booze with friends in the luxary of my own home. Now on to the prostitutes... yeah there's pleanty of them. All told I had eight approach me. Now they won't tell you they're prostitutes... but they are. There's signs you have to watch for... cause those girls can be tricky. However out of the eight that I ran into and that's six in one day too!!!... not a single one of them was interested in making money from me by doing a few simple 'drawings'. A quick $20 for randomly filling in a few squares on a gridded piece of paper... these girls had no time for that. Ohh well... can't say i didn't try.
But anyways... I'm sitting here in the airport staring at slot machines wondering when this nightmare will end. Ahh... "Now seating rows 10 - 16" ... that's me.

JUNE 16, 2005
BARKER - Striping Down Vegas I (stuffed envelope)
HARRIS - Striping Down Vegas II(stuffed envelope)
KANKA - Striping Down Vegas II(stuffed envelope)

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