Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Friday, February 03, 2006

100% Organic

Divided Like A Saint's presents
SUPER! Bright Lightbulb

This has to be one of my favorite theatre productions I've seen in my years here in the ATL and outside... and yes 'I have' gotten out to many shows in my limited time.
So what did I think of it from an artistic perspective.... It was visually stunning. The entire production was grounded in the performers and their use of the stage. There were no eloboate sets, no elaborate lighting... just pure wonderful simplicity, something I really appreciate when it's done correctly and in this production it definitly was.
The show — I felt, a perfect mix of minimalism and narrative exploration. A cross between a Merce Cunningham production and an intimate White Stripes concert.
I became a fan of Merce when I began my studies into Robert Rausenberg some years ago. The striking simplicity of the production and the brilliant costumes reminded me of things Merce had done. The entire production was a real suprise to me and a real treat. It really turned my day around.

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