Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Thursday, January 26, 2006

It's Time To Enjoy

Well this is unplaned. I have the day off. Why? Well I took it. Why did I take it? Well, because I have a major water leak in my kitchen pantry that has totally screwed my wood floors and turned the drywall to mush. Yup... ohh well. So I'm gonna be sitting around today first waiting for the plumber, then the builders, then... well who knows who else. People lots of people that I need to let in and need to let out.

So I'm sitting here watching the Today Show (strange thing) and the story "Can Heartbreak Kill You?" - yes!!! 20% of all heartattacks are caused by stess related causes. So you can die of a broken heart. It's a real medical thing called Broken Heart Syndrome. Damn!! Negative emotions do impact the heart health. So strange enough... happy thoughts will keep it health.
This story is spooky... I'm stressed a lot and not that happy... well at times. Hmmmm... Guess I need to just think really positivly about things.

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